Aurilia Lentalus

Knight Regent of Avery Creek


Aurilia has a classic beauty, her cheek bones high and eyes dark. Her oft painted lips are usually curled up at the edges, a genuine warmth in her smile. Once, her auburn hair fell to her lower back, tied in intricate knots or braids, but now it is cut short, barely brushing her shoulders. It may be a daring style in the courts but it is a life saving one on the battlefield.

While new to the rigors of war and battle, Aurilia is blessed with a taller, leaner body than many of her female peers. Already she has toned her body in readiness for her new life and while not as strong as many of the experienced knights who have worn heavy armour for years, she is certainly no simpering lady. The fact she is quite hale, years of caring for a household not blessed with complete wealth and making the arduous journey back and forth from the courts giving her stamina. Combined with her core determination, she can push on much further than many would expect.

Aurilia generally tries to keep a calm, serene appearance, even when stressed but those who watch can find several tells, be it the twisting of her wedding band or subconsciously reaching for a braid that is no longer there. The hardest to tell and newest is the slight pinching of her cheeks as she bites down on her tongue, the pain keeping her focused and driving any fears down into her gullet.

Concerned about her perceived weakness, Aurilia often rises early, and takes practice with her husband’s sword, the heavy and unwieldy weapon painful in her grasp.


Duty. It was duty when Aurilia accepted her parents arranged marriage for her, it was duty when she watched her husband go off to war and she represented his name in the courts and it was duty when he came home in a casket and forced to accept that their estate and titles were held on the providence of military service. With a son and daughter barely off the teat, it was duty when she took hold of her husband’s sword and bent knee, she would serve as both defender of the realm and as Lady of her house.

Aurilia Lentalus has grown to womanhood with all the comforts a Lady of the Realm can expect: education, finery, horse-riding and training in the art of war. The latter usually of only basic training, a way for a woman to defend herself if her husband is away. And the cost of such an upbringing, duty. A cost she found easy, it became a focus point of her life and family and country were above all else, including herself. In fact, she never once complained when she was wedded on her 17th birthday, cutting short her additional military training she had requested. But at the age of 23, a sword now again sits within her hand, no-one to lean on, only her own ability to secure a future for herself and her family.

Rarely angered, she carries her loss and duty with grace and acceptance. This does not mean she is a push over though, Aurilia has had to become like steel, the courts and battlefields equally dangerous and she does not accept pettiness or bullying, her sword or tongue pulling free to strike down any who use such tactics to harm. Cowardice is something that gives her great conflict, for while it flies in the face of her sense of duty, she also knows that not everyone has been given her opportunities. Therefore, she will help raise up those who cower so that they may become their own defenders. Those who do not try are abandoned, scorn evident on her face.

Aurilia understands that she is in a tenuous position, her life and holdings dependant on both what she does on the field as well as her presence within the various courts. She is also very aware that others circle her title, land and possibly her, looking to take what they can. But that is fine, her duty is to family and the crown, not them, meaning that they are mere obstacles if they get in her way.

Aurilia Lentalus
Female human paladin (oath of loyalty) 1
LG Medium humanoid (human)
Init 3; Senses Perception +1
AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17 (
5 armor, 2 shield)
hp 12 (1d10
Fort 4, Ref +0, Will +3
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee bastard sword -1 (1d10
2/19-20) or
heavy mace 3 (1d82) or
lance 3 (1d82/×3) or
longsword 3 (1d82/19-20)
Paladin Spell-Like Abilities (CL 0th; concentration +3)
At will—detect evil
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 12
Feats Mounted Combat, Noble Scion
Traits chivalrous, civilized
Skills Acrobatics -6, Diplomacy +8, Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (local) +7, Knowledge (nobility) +9, Ride +4, Sense Motive +5
Languages Common, Custom Language, Custom Language
SQ loyal oath
Other Gear scale mail, heavy steel shield, bastard sword, heavy mace, lance, longsword, signet ring, soldier’s uniform, cameo – children portraits (worth 5 gp), 2 gp
Special Abilities
Chivalrous You gain a +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy and Knowledge (history) checks.
Detect Evil (At will) (Sp) You can use detect evil at will (as the spell).
Loyal Oath (1/day) (Su) +3 to saving throws and AC for chosen target when active.
Mounted Combat (1/round) Once per round you can attempt to negate a hit to your mount in combat.

Aurilia Lentalus

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