Character Creation

The Setting

  • Custom world.
  • Low-ish fantasy.
  • Magic exists but is rare and enigmatic.
  • Two races for now; humans and elves, both largely isolated from each other.

The Rules

I want to go relatively rules light, so all bets are off. The Pathfinder system will serve as a basis only and much will be determined on the fly for now. I’ll have separate pages for rules as they come together.

  • Magic will be largely unrecognisable.
  • Character classes exist largely as a starting template for your character to establish theme.
  • Progression will not be level based, your development will be based on your characters actions and experience.

The Protagonist

  • Name: any, but be aware I might want to retcon it ensure consistency with setting.
  • Gender: any
  • Race: elf or human.
  • Abilities: 20 point buy to reflect an above average protagonist.
  • Class: barbarian (elf only), cleric (human), druid (elf), fighter, magus (elf), paladin (human), ranger, rogue (human), wizard
  • Skills: as normal
  • Feats: core only
  • HP: as normal
  • Equipment: as normal
  • Personality: a brief overview of your character’s personality, traits and flaws etc
  • Description: a brief physical description

Put it together in Hero Lab, send me the file ;)

Character Creation

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